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Rivet Shelving

Our Rivet Shelving is the perfect solution for a range of storage requirements, from light industrial to commercial and retail use.


To become a partner and profit from selling our best-selling range of quality, easy to assemble Rivet shelving call 01753 876371 today.


It can be built in runs, with uninterrupted spans of 900mm or 1200mm


Extremely quick and easy to setup, no nuts and bolts.


Shelves are fully adjustable and comes in a wide range to suit all applications. Each bay is supplied with either 4 or 5 levels. Please specify upon request.


Held in stock, for Immediate Delivery.

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Frame Height (mm) 

2000 or 2400mm

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Widths (mm) 

900 or 1200mm

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Depths (mm)

400 or 1200mm

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Storeroom, retail,
archive storage

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Supplied with 4
or 5 levels,
please specify upon

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Up to 100 kg per level, Uniformly Distributed Load 

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